Who is Kokoborrego?

We are Ohio's first producer of farmstead sheep
milk cheese. We also produce several artisan cow
milk cheeses. Our focus is not only to become a
world class maker of naturally aged, raw milk
cheeses, but to maintain and feature our Ohio
roots as a company and in our cheeses. The
natural environment that our dairy animals live in is
reflected through their milk and into the cheeses
made with that milk.  This is referred to as "terroir."
We believe that Ohio can, and does, produce
great cheeses that stand up to any American or
European cheese and that out terroir is unique and
produces an amazing product

Our name comes from the combination of two
things. The first being the Kokosing River, which
begins in cold springs around the area of the farm.
Borrego is a Spanish word for sheep. Put them
together, and you get Kokoborrego.
Sippel Family Farm

The Sippel Family Farm is a 77 acre farm located in
Mount Gilead, Ohio. We (Ben and Lisa Sippel) have
owned and operated the farm since 2004. The Sippel
Family Farm runs a Community Supported Agriculture
(CSA) program with over  20 acres in vegetables. We
have a small apple orchard, and raise grass-fed beef
and pork on a small scale. We had an interest in
making cheese and decided that sheep were the best
option for the scale of our farm. In addition, our son
Charlie is incredibly interested in working with animals,
and sheep are a much safer choice for children to be
around than cows.

Since there are not any sheep dairies in the state of
Ohio, we purchased our flock of dairy sheep from
New York and Vermont. Our cheese and dairy facilities
are fully licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
The Cheesemakers and Farmers at Kokoborrego
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Lisa Sippel
Cheesemaker and Produce
Ben Baldwin
Ben Sippel
Dairy and Produce Farmer
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