Cheeses Currently Available
Owl Creek is an old name for
the Kokosing River.


This is our signature sheep milk cheese.
It is aged for 3-4 months. During the
aging process the cheese develops a
smooth, but slightly flaky texture, with
subtle sweet and nutty flavors. Great
on a cheese board, or for grating into a
light pasta dish.
Headwaters Tomme is
named for the headwaters of the
Kokosing River.

Aged 3-4 months, this cow's milk cheese
has a "river" of ash through the center
which adds a distinctive look and sharp
flavor.  This cheese has a well rounded
buttery flavor, with slight acidic notes.
Moraine is named for glacial
formations found in Morrow County.

This is an alpine style cow's milk cheese,
and is aged for 3-4 months while it
develops a creamy, buttery and smooth
flavor.  Moraine has Swiss like character,
but with a cleaner finish.  It's sure to
become a dinnertime favorite!
About our Cheeses
We make our cheeses in small batches, by hand in a
facility that we built by hand. All of our cheeses are
made using raw milk, which means that they must be
aged for a minimum of 60 days.  They are aged in our
ripening cave where they develop a natural rind and
their characteristic flavor.  Many of our cheeses
develop natural molds on the rind, which aid in the
aging process and give each wheel of cheese its own
visual aesthetic.  Much care is taken in the aging
process.  A well made cheese can be ruined by poor
aging techniques, and we take great pride in nurturing
all of our wheels on a daily basis.
Our Dairy Farmers
The cow milk we use comes from the Ruhl
Family Farm
, located 3 miles down the road
from us. The cows are pasture/forage raised
and are rBST-free. The Ruhl farm is a
multi-generational family farm, with father and
son working in partnership.  The Ruhl family
has been milking cows for over 47 years. The
award winning milk from this herd is high in
butterfat and protein and makes delicious
The sheep are raised and milked at Sippel
Family Farm
, our 77 acre chemical free farm in
Mount Gilead, Ohio. The Sippels run a
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
program, as well as raising grass-fed beef,
whey-fed pork and lamb. The sheep are
pasture/forage raised and are milked from March
to September each year.  The sheep are dry
(without milk) through the late fall and winter
while they are pregnant.
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